about me

HI! I'm Marisa Jarae (de Luna)

There's something you should know about me: I like to be creative. And I like to solve problems, manage solutions, hit deadlines, and work under pressure. That's when the creativity really starts to ignite. I work across several types of media because connecting with an audience requires more than a single print ad. I think aesthetics are important, but should always help enhance the message; and written voice, whatever it is, must be clear and consistent. But most of all, I believe that imagination and stagnation have no place for one another. I am constantly learning, pushing the boundaries of my abilities, so I can continue to grow as an artist, designer, writer, and manager.


Want to contact me? Here's how:

  • Address: 3414 S. Glencoe St.
    Denver, CO
  • Phone: 321.514.7139
  • Email: marisa.jarae[at]gmail[dot]com